We aim to carry an evolving collection of cohesive but varied art and crafts in our gallery-storefront. We're also artists ourselves, and want to show real support for the artists with whom we work. If you're checking us out and think that Oxtail Studio could be a good fit for you and your work, please introduce yourself in a brief email, including an URL where we can see images of your current work (or attach jpegs), and send to oxtailstudio@gmail.com. You may also call us at (510) 225-9895.


Here are a few details, for starters:


CONSIGNMENT: We propose a 60%-40% split of sales proceeds, 60% to be paid to non-resident artists. For certain types of work we're open to negotiating that rate. Our consignment terms are simple, straight-forward and generally negotiable.


WHOLESALE: Since we're in the early stages of establishing our business, we're generally unable to purchase large orders up front. But we'd like to know who and what's out there, so feel free to introduce us to your work and wholesale prices.


GALLERY EXHIBITION: From time to time, we will coordinate the exhibition of work by artists not engaged in our studio residency program. If you're interested in exhibiting your work in our gallery, please introduce yourself and your work in an email. Please include "Exhibition" in the subject of your email.