Oxtail Studio cofounders Kingston Lim, Jessie Zechnowitz, and Serena Lim.

Oxtail Studio & Gallery exhibits and sells artwork and crafts made by independent and local Bay Area artists. We opened Oxtail Studio out of a shared desire to run a small art venue that brings talented friends and artists together to form a fruitful creative community.


THE FOUNDERS: Kingston Lim (ceramicist, painter, digital artist) and Serena Lim (graphic and architectural designer) are siblings born and raised right here in Berkeley, California. Serena is currently living and working as an architectural designer in Eugene, Oregon. Kingston is the day-to-day practitioner of Oxtail Studio and you will likely meet him if you visit the gallery. Jessie Zechnowitz Lim (curator, floral designer, organizer) is a UC Berkeley graduate with an MA from SF State in Art History. Having visited and lived in other places, all three Oxtail Studio cofounders appreciate the Bay Area's diverse and industrious culture, while finding peace and inspiration in Northern California's beautiful wildernesses.


SHOW AND SELL? We welcome Bay Area artists and craftspeople to contact us about selling their work in our gallery-storefront. Tell us about what you do – we're looking for a variety of handmade art and crafts! And although we're focused on the local scene, we've got love for the West Coast in general, and would certainly consider working with artists anywhere from LA to Seattle. Give us a holler! Or click here for a bit more info.


STUDIO RESIDENCY: We seek prolific artists who are interested in renting studio space in exchange for a consistent opportunity to show and sell work at an exceptional commission rate. The basic idea behind our studio residency program is to offer artists a chance to earn their rent back by selling work in our gallery-storefront. Studio residents enjoy: private workspace within a creative community, solo exhibition opportunites, participation in our winter group show, exposure at events and online, access to an electric kiln, and ordinary utilities included in rent. Interested? Let us know!


WHY OXTAIL? The name "Oxtail Studio" invokes the wholesome soul food that the Lim siblings enjoyed as youngsters, specifically ox tail stew – a favorite. The pun (Oxtail Stew-dio!) and its significance are a small offering to Harry K. Lim, Kingston and Serena's father, who passed away in 2005 and in many ways laid the foundation on which Oxtail Studio is now built.