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Oxtail Studio & Gallery is a locally-owned art shop and studio space focused on promoting Bay Area makers.


We exhibit the work of local artists and craftspeople, and offer studio-residency

opportunities for those looking to produce and sell their work in one place.


At Oxtail Studio we appreciate well-crafted objects that possess the charming imperfections

of handmade production, and concepts that are contemplative, clever, and nostalgic.

We enjoy a diversity of styles – from playful line drawings to elegant oil paintings,

and rusty garden sculpture to hand-sewn bags. 


We love to see raw, rustic naturalism beside by bold, simple color and design.


Our gallery/shop features an evolving collection of prints, jewelry, ceramics, greeting cards,

textiles, original artwork and other handmade goods that are independently produced.




Kristin Lim original oil
Meghan Tuey Simple Folk
Felicia Gabaldon original painting
Sienna DaFonseca Scarf
Faye Kendall wallhanging
Seamus Berkeley original painting
Francine Marquis ceramics
Kristina Lim original oil
zine assortment
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